Do you eat fast food often? Do you tend to snack on unhealthy packaged foods and lack a proper amount of fruits and vegetables? These things can lead to obesity, depression, and other serious disorders common in today’s society! Read on to find out how you can change your nutrition to facilitate a better life!

Eating raw foods is healthier when compared to other ways of preparing foods. Fresh, raw foods are not stripped of their nutrients the way that cooked and processed foods are.

Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of different colors in order to be healthy. Different color groups of fruits and vegetables contain micro-nutrients that your body needs to be healthy. An apple a day is great, but if you add in some carrots, green leafy lettuce, and blueberries you will feel terrific.

Use extra virgin olive oil in your cooking. Unlike hydrogenated oils that can clog arteries, extra virgin olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats that can protect you from heart disease. It can reduce the level of bad cholesterol and raise the level of good cholesterol. It also plays a role in the prevention of colon cancer.

When you are craving a glass of fruit juice, you should consider having a small piece of fresh fruit instead. This will curb your craving and it will also keep you full for much longer. If you must drink fruit juice, try to drink a diet or 100 percent natural version.

Hopefully now you can see how easy it is to improve your nutrition and reap the health benefits it provides. If you don’t want to suffer from depression and obesity, stop eating the fast food now and apply the advice you’ve just read in this article to improve your diet and improve your life.


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