You are what you eat. We get told this so much, but it seems like there is so much information on what to eat and what avoid, that it can be confusing at times. Here in this article, you will find solid, healthy eating tips that can clear up some of the confusion.

Make the transition from whole milk to skim milk, but do it slowly so that you can adjust to it. Start by switching to 2% milk then 1%, and finally settle on skim milk. The difference is that skim milk has 95 percent less fat and 50 percent less calories than whole milk.

Arrange your schedule so you can get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Adequate sleep prevents you from confusing tiredness with hunger. The sleep also gives your body the opportunity to repair itself. Getting enough sleep means you will remain calmer in times of anxiety, which helps you cut down on eating in stressful situations.

Oranges are a great fruit that you can eat in the morning for its high content of vitamin C. This is a beneficial option, as it can improve the energy that you have during the day and reduce stress and anxiety. Oranges can help your acne and improve the tone of your face.

To add some flavor to your meals, fresh herbs are a wonderful option. You can grow them yourself in your kitchen, or you can buy them fresh from your local farmers market or grocery store. Adding herbs to your meals will add a ton of flavor to your cooking.

Now that you know what types of things you should be eating for proper nutrition, you should start to see a difference in the way you look and feel. You really ARE a reflection of the things that you eat, and information given here, can help you be a healthier person.


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