When considering living your life with nutrition in mind, there are many dietary mistakes that we are all prone to making. This article will discuss some of those mistakes and some simple tips that just might help you to avoid them. Read on and discover your path to a healthier lifestyle.

Chocolate is not your enemy. While candy bars are obviously an unhealthy choice, dark chocolate is a much healthier alternative. Dark chocolate has much less fat and calories than milk chocolate, and consuming a little bit of it can reduce your sweet tooth and has even proven to increase your life span.

Do not make the mistake of avoiding fat entirely. Some fat is necessary to provide a feeling of fullness and help your body function properly, but try to stick to healthier fats rather than the partially hydrogenated version found in most packaged snack food. A little fat with a meal causes carbohydrates to digest more slowly for a lower rise in blood sugar, resulting in more constant energy and less hunger later.

When you eat a salad, put your dressing on the side for dipping your fork. Most of the calories in a salad come from the salad dressing that is poured on top. If you put the dressing on the side instead, and put a little bit on your fork before you pick up a bite of salad, you will still get the flavor of the dressing without using a lot of dressing. This will really cut down on the calories consumed.

Though many of us try to lead a healthy life, there are some common nutrition related mistakes that we are all prone to making. In this article, we have discussed some of those mistakes. We have also provided you with some valuable tips that can help any individual to avoid them.


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