You need to set a great example for your children in everything that you do. If you do not eat a nutritious diet, your children will not want to eat a wholesome diet. You can use the tips provided in the following article to learn how to make smarter choices when it comes to what you eat.

Fill up on vegetables during lunch and dinner versus fatty foods. You can eat over twice as many vegetables while still cutting down your calorie intake. This way, you are full and still under your calories for the day. You can add vegetables to any meal to have a larger meal without increasing the amount of fatty foods.

Always eat a balanced diet. The ideal diet for most people, consists of about 20 percent protein, 30 percent fat and between 50 and 55 percent carbohydrates. Most people are aware that too much fat is bad, however, too little can be bad, as well. The same goes for carbohydrates.

Try eating low-fat dairy products. Milk and cheese have very high fat levels, and instead of cutting them out of a healthy diet completely, try eating them in a more sensible, low-fat way. Try cheeses that are lower in fat, such as cottage cheese, and try purchasing 1% or 2% milk. This way you can still enjoy dairy foods and their benefits.

When you are eating out at restaurants, order the smallest portion of everything you get. The mind normally tells us to eat whatever is in front of us, regardless of the portion, so you should still be able to fill up with a much smaller portion than what you normally have.

No one wants to be a poor example for his or her child. Everyone wants their children to be proud of them and to want to emulate their actions. If you incorporate the information that has been provided you will be able to live a longer, healthier life and increase the chances of your children doing the same.

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